64Bit causing problems with windows 10

  • Recently my notepad++ 64 (V7.6.4) bit installation starting refusing to open txt files saying the session could not be started. If I tried to open the txt file using just the open with… then I would get a message stating to reinstall NotePadStarter. I updated to V7.7 but still the same. I uninstalled V7.7 and reinstalled but still NG.

    I uninstalled the 64 bit app and installed the 32 bit version of notepad++ (V7.7) and all is now OK. I would suggest that the recursive session memory bug is still not fixed in the 64bit app…


  • @Alex-Boyd said:

    I would get a message stating to reinstall NotePadStarter

    AFAIK, something called NotePadStarter isn’t related to Notepad++ so I might look really hard at that for this complaint.

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