Bracket Matching in Batch files (.bat)

  • The bracket matching doesn’t work in batch files when an IF-ELSE is used. Does anyone know how to correct this? The first group is recognized (@echo.Won’t Happen) but the second one isn’t (@echo.Hello World). Thanks

    @if 1.==2. (
    @echo.Won’t happen
    ) else (
    @echo.Hello World

  • @Brian-Zelt

    yes, this is a scintilla editor component issue and present at all scintilla based editors, including the latest Scite 4.1.5.

    but you are not limited to use the integrated lexers only, as notepad++ has the user defined language feature.

    it you e.g. download WinBatch and copy userDefineLang_winbatch.xml to your %AppData%\Notepad++\userDefineLangs\ folder, you can use it as a replacement for the scintilla batch lexer, and it matches all brackets of your example.

    have a look around searching for notepad++ udl or user defined language, maybe you find more that are of interest for you.

    best regards.

  • @Meta-Chuh said:

    notepad++ udl

    Hmmm. The file you suggested as a replacement for the Batch language and is not similar to the NP++ Batch language styles at all, and only corrects the ELSE(…) bracket issue. While I can create a user defined UDL, to highlight keywords, I cannot recreate style to be equal to the otherwise usable default Batch UDL. The keyword nor delimiter highlighting does not work the same as the default Batch style.

  • in code of .bat do

    if “%tjkdrrdiiff%”=="" (goto notselecteditem) else (goto selecteditem)
    bin\filebrowse UNPACK_REPACK_V3.8_FINAL file_contexts.bin,file_contexts,boot.img, “boot.img|boot;file_contexts” > bin\fil76elocate.txt
    set /p tjkdrrdiiff=< bin\fil76elocate.txt
    if “%tjkdrrdiiff%”=="" (goto ejhcnnsjdj)
    del /S/Q bin\fil76elocate.txt

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