please help to compile c and make the output exe file on windows 7

  • I am a biginer and learing C, I am using notepad ++ to learn c, kindly help me to know how we can use complile the program and make the output exe file to test it in windows 7.
    Thanks in advance

  • Notepad++ is used for just editing text. It’s not specifically made to compile C code (although it is technically possible). Since you are learning C I’d recommend an actual Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which is made to handle not only editing code, but also compiling and running it. Notepad++ isn’t actually an IDE. There are lots of free ones available.

  • I, too, am pretty much a beginner with Notepad++. But I LOVE it compared to trying to use the Arduino IDE.
    So, can someone clarify: exactly what is possible with a “plugin” and what is not? In other words, could I call PlatformIO directly from NPP as my compiler for the (mostly C++) code used for my 3D printer? PlatformIO as I currently use it requires me to open a CMD window and type in some rather long and specific commands. It would be great if a plugin could automate that for me. I would have to set it up, of course, but only once.

  • Well, I just answered my own question. The “Run…” menu command allows me to point to a Batch file that does all the messy typing for me. And I can give that batch file a name (using “Save”) so that it’s easy to find without having to navigate directories. Two clicks and I’ve got my program compiled.
    This program is great!

  • You might also want to have a closer look at the NppExec plugin. It will catch and display any compiler output in a dockable panel.

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