Validating Notepad++ with Section 508 (Americans with Disability Act).

  • We have a large number of software developers, testers, system administrators and DBAs who use the product and rely heavily upon it within their job task performance. However, before this product can become authorized for legal use on U.S. government systems, there is a requirement for all software to have a VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) in place where attestations are made involving the ease-of-use for persons with disabilities (in several disciplines). I’ve been trying for MONTHS to at least get an email address for a Notepad++ designer/engineer, but no luck who might be able to assist. LOL - I’ve even emailed Don Ho half-a-dozen times, but there is no response. This product is valued greatly and the users here have come to rely upon it. Any thoughts as to whom I could contact regarding a VPAT? I can provide a sample-template to building upon/reply with if needed. In advance, (with fingers crossed), thanks!!

  • @Jeffrey-Hennessey said:

    I’ve even emailed Don Ho half-a-dozen times

    @donho is definitely the right contact. He’s the head honcho, main developer, lead designer/engineer, and overall, the man in charge of Notepad++.

    That said, I know that the only time I tried sending email to him, it bounced, because his ISP thought my ISP sent spam (My ISP is a webhost provider, so some of their customers may have violated the ISP’s spam policies, and thus got those mailservers blacklisted, even though it’s really only certain users.)

    If you are having trouble contacting him directly via email, posting here is a good step. @donho is not likely to notice this topic directly (he generally only reads the topics he starts)… but there are others on the development team who do read here more regularly, and who may be able to then forward this issue to him.

    But speaking of “issues”: If it were me, I would put in a request on the official issues page, which he and his team do read, and which is the official location for requests for improvements in the software or the meta-details around the project.

  • Neither am I the main developer nor a software contributor so my opinion is probably not relevant but maybe it is.

    Please don’t misunderstand me, I strongly support the idea that software can be used by ALL in the same way, but why should a non-US developer of an open source project worry about a VPAT certificate? Actually, it should say, why should an open source developer even care?
    The source code is available and accessible to everyone.
    Why does not check the party, which, for whatever reason, needs a confirmation for a certain type of use, this itself?
    This site probably knows best what to look out for and what to include. And when it comes to legality, it might become far more complex - what about liability or disclaimer. Without legal assistance, most of the software developers might have difficulties to provide these and open source software does not normally generate any income from which a lawyer could be paid.

    As I said, I support the idea that this 508 standard comes up with, but to blame it on open source developers who may not even be citizens of the country claiming it, I don’t see any sense in our globalized world.

    I know this doesn’t help if you are the one who has been asked for getting such a VPAT but maybe it does.

    Hopefully, the translator used, hasn’t changed the meaning of the sentences too much.

  • @Jeffrey-Hennessey

    notepad++ is an open source fun project, which by accident has reached a user count, never imaginable when it started off.

    if you need any modifications that are not necessary for its usage, but to be allowed to use it, you will have to make those modifications yourself.

    you can also make a fork of this project, with focus on vpat, if you have a large number of software developers at hand as described.

    many thanks for your understanding and best regards.

  • @Jeffrey-Hennessey

    this VPAT has been released.

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