3UP Security IRD Paper Plugin help.

  • Hi Everyone I am looking for a plugin for notpad++ that will let me format a .txt file to work with 3UP Security IRD paper can anyone provide some help, please?

  • @Eric-Lan

    hmmm … two thoughts - take a pencil and write the text content onto the paper or
    put the paper into a printer and print the text content onto it

  • @Ekopalypse I would do that but the form won’t let me attach the PDF.

  • @Eric-Lan

    I’m not sure if you really looking for a solution or you are trolling. still thinking it is the last. The txt became a pdf, a form does something … very strange things for npp.

  • @Eric-Lan said:

    plugin for notpad++ that will let me format a .txt file to work with 3UP Security IRD paper

    So, if I’m reading you correctly, you have some information in a text file. you’d like to print it on 3UP Security IRD paper (a quick google tells me that’s something that looks like blank check stock, with three things per page… I cannot tell if it’s supposed to be a check or not, but it’s irrelevant, really). What @Ekopalypse was telling you is that you can just print from Notepad++ to the stock.

    But, it should be noted, it’s not “formatted”. Notepad++ is not the kind of software whose goal is to align text at very precise places on a printed page. It’s a plaintext editor, with many features that make it great for typing in source code (whether it be a programming language, HTML, or similar). It gives you direct access to the text in the plain text file.

    What you are asking for sounds more like the form features in a word processor (like MS Word, Libre Office, and the like). If you are really trying to print specific text to very specific locations in the page, (like filling in blank checks, or printing business cards to multiple-cards-per-page cardstock, or label printing, …), then I would recommend a word processor, or other application that’s specifically designed to cater to laying out text in a very specific form.

    If this isn’t what you’re asking for, you’ll have to convince us that what you want to do is something that’s in Notepad++'s intended purpose. If you want to include screenshots, post the image to imgur.com or similar, and embed images with the syntax ![](http://i.imgur.com/QTHZysa.png). If you want to include links to other kinds of files, you’ll have to find another filesharing host, and link it with the syntax [](http://i.imgur.com/QTHZysa.png) (Same thing, without the exclamation point), keeping in mind that many of those who would help you are blocked from accessing many filesharing sites while at work.

  • @PeterJones Okay thank you.

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