Opening a .dxl file from Notepad++

  • I have been using Notepad++ to edit DOORS eXtension Language by adding a syntax file to the User Defined Language. It works well for what I want it to do, but the other day I decided to muck around in the Settings>Preferences… now it will no longer open .dxl files. It will open .txt files, .dat files, .xml files, and probably more, but if I go to the File>Open toolbar and go to a .dxl file, absolutely nothing happens. Notepad++ just does not open it. I can open with MS Notepad and copy to a blank file and set the language and see all the syntax. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the version I had before, to no avail. even reinistalled the syntax file.
    I’m out of ideas.

  • @Don-Fowler

    the debug-info from the ? menu would allow us to see how npp has been installed
    in order to provide a more detailed info what you can try to make this work again.
    Currently, I can only advise to rename config.xml and hoping you are taking the correct one.

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