Forum profile: my email is taken?

  • I’m logged into this forum via GitHub. When I try to edit my profile and set the email to my usual personal address, it says that such email address is taken!

    I suppose it was taken by me when I presumably created a profile here quite some time ago, but now I see that you cannot log in via email and password any more, only via FB, GitHub etc.

    Can someone please either merge my profiles or remove my old profile, or otherwise unlock my email address, so that I can set it as email address of my current profile? Thanks!

    I can send my details, email etc privately to an admin.

  • @Giulio.Portioli

    An email address doesn’t get you much here…if you are expecting to be emailed by the site when you get responses, then well, you are going to be disappointed. If you want to have it correct so you can show it in your public profile, isn’t that just asking for more spam?

  • Fair enough. No, I’m not keen on displaying my email address on my profile. However, I’m not terribly happy to have my email address stored in a system over which I have no control whatsoever. Can I kindly request for it to be removed, together with any old personal data stored alongside with it? Thank you!

  • @Giulio.Portioli said:

    Can I kindly request for it to be removed, together with any old personal data stored alongside with it?

    If I’ve understood properly, there are now two accounts: one is your @Giulio.Portioli account that you’re now posting from. The other is some account that you haven’t identified. Do you happen to know what the other is called?

    Assuming there are two accounts: if it were possible for you to log into your old account, you could delete the account. Most of us don’t have that kind of power to delete another account on the forums. @donho does. @guy038 might. I’ve @-mentioned both to try to poke them. You can search the forums and could probably find Guy’s email (he’s posted it a number of times), and the Notepad++ website contact info has Don’s email.

    Since you obviously don’t want to broadcast your email on the forum, once you’ve established contact, you should be able to give them your email off-forum, and ask them to remove any account associated with that email (you should be explicit whether you want this @Giulio.Portioli account to remain existing or not).

  • Thanks Peter. I can only guess I created an account a long time ago using email address and password (although I have no recollection, including of any username), but obviously I cannot access it any more, now that login is only via FB/GitHub etc.

    I’m more than happy to keep my current account @Giulio.Portioli, anyway. It’s any old account that should be deleted. I’ll try the website contacts, if no-one pipes in.


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