Really NO Login possible into this forum with other social media account (e.g.Yahoo)?

  • As I had to recognize there seems to be no other way to login into this forum than with one of the 4 social media accounts mentioned at the login page.

    What if I want to use my yahoo account (email) for that? is the one and only forum which does not allow yahoo emails for login.

    Can this be changed?

    Thank you

  • Try Signing In (or Up) using the 2nd icon (Github)
    I share your regret. Since the debut of the web (1993) I signed up in thousands forums, always with my normal email address (which has been my address when was the best for email, news, groups, finance, etc, until they botched it around 1998), never through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, that I don’t like.
    Now after stopped visiting Notepad++ Forum for a few years I came back and discovered that my old account is still there, only moved into Github (the 2nd of the 4 icons you mention), with my old password still recognized. I suggest you try with yours.
    Versailles, Sat 31 Aug 2019 02:07:30 +0200

  • We should be able to use a traditional e-mail based login.

    It’s ridiculous to require a social media account for this purpose.

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