how to import image into notepad+,+ blank ,no image on browser, any how to fix that ,i tried everithing i even ,put folder of image ,on notepad++.please answer?

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  • @Jorge-Sladic
    To import an image, it is convenient to use the plugin “ImgTag”
    (And study html tags!)


  • @Jorge-Sladic

    It seems like you are confusing two different types of software, word processors and plain text editors.

    Notepad++ is a software of the latter type. That means the files produced with it only contain plain text, i.e. the ASCII codes of the letters that make up the whole text.

    In contrast, word processors produce files which contain the text and additionally a lot of meta data, e.g. info about the used font and its style, size and color, formatting data and also the images that may be included into the document.

    All this is not possible with plain text editors like Notepad++. But you can use a viewer plugin like mentioned by @andrecool-68 .

    Beyond the HTML viewer there are two viewer plugins for Markdown, MarkdownViewer++ and NppMarkdownPanel. Markdown is like HTML a markup language but is much more simple to learn. It has been invented to write documents which are very well human readable as plain text but if they are displayed in a Markdown viewer look like a word processor’s output. But there is still the limitation that image data can not be embedded into the document, it has to be stored as a separate file. To include images into Markdown documents you have to refer them with the appropriate Markdown tags which include the image path on the hard disk or its address in the internet (URL).

    The forum here also provides the ability to write posts in Markdown. To include the image in his posting above, @andrecool-68 used the following syntax:

    ![optional text](

    If you copy and paste it into a text file and view it with a Markdown viewer you will see the same image.

    The two plugins mentioned above are availabe via PluginsAdmin, Notepad++'s integrated plugin management tool (in version 7.6 and above). You can also download and install them manually if you use an older version of Notepad++. Here are the links:


  • @dinkumoil
    He does not need to view the images in a text editor, he just writes a web page without knowing the html tags!

  • @andrecool-68 said:

    he just writes a web page without knowing the html tags!

    Then he is really asking his question in the wrong place! Try to refrain from answering off-topic questions such as these, it only encourages more off-topic questions. If you must answer, the best thing to do is to direct them to a better site for their question.

  • @Alan-Kilborn
    For the Author of the question, the direct route to this page is:

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