File auto-save function?

  • Hi

    I’m a new NPP user but am struggling to find a file auto-save feature.

    Note that I’m not referring to the backup functionality which is fine for saving revisions of docs, but it is not the same as auto-save.
    I’d like for all my docs to be auto-saved every few seconds so that if my PC crashes etc. I know that all my docs are up to date, without having to think about whether I need to grub through loads of backup copies comparing timestamps to see which are most up to date. Which is what I think I’d need to do without it.

    Other doc editors have auto-save so where is it in NPP?

  • @Mr-Brunes

    afaik, autosave plugin does what you are looking for.

  • Thanks.

    It’s rather bizarre that this functionality isn’t part of the base app. It might save folks a lot of heartache!

  • @Mr-Brunes

    Some plugins are developed before there is time for the core developers to put it in the app itself. At that point, developers shrug and say, “why bother?”

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