How to highlight the Duplicate numbers in Notepad++

  • How to highlight the Duplicate numbers by Color in Notepad++
    Like this.
    0314 2960618
    0300 2672753
    0314 2960618

  • @Jinko-Solar

    1. Double-click one of the numbers. All other instances of that number will be highlighted in light green. Presumes Smart Highlighting is on, but it is on by default, so…

    2. Search (menu) > Mark… With an appropriate Find-what box content, your duplicate numbers will be highlighted in red.

    3. Search (menu) > Mark All. This might be the best option as it gives you 5 different colors.

  • Thanks Sir, But I am looking this type Solution In Notepad++

    "How to highlight cell if value duplicate in same column for google spreadsheet?
    Select the whole column
    Click Format
    Click Conditional formatting
    Click Add new rule
    Set Format cells if to: Custom formula is:
    Set value to: =countif(A:A,A1)>1
    Set the formatting style.
    Ensure the range applies to your column (e.g., A1:A100).
    Anything written in the A1:A100 cells will be checked, and if there is a duplicate (occurs more than once) then it’ll be coloured.

    For locales using comma (,) as a decimal separator, the argument separator is most likely a semi-colon (;). That is, try: =countif(A:A;A1)>1, instead."

  • @Jinko-Solar

    No, npp is a text editor, not a spreadsheet replacement.

  • Sir, O.K.

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