PROBLEM: Bookmarks - Save Session Multiple files (does not save at all too good)

  • hello. I have many files (11 files), witch contains several bookmarks (each of them, 6-7 bookmarks). I save session so that notepad++ to store (remember) my bookmarks.

    The big problem, is when I load session. Start notepad++, open all 11 files, then when I load session I find much more bookmarks that I save, (have emerged from nowhere), and the old bookmarks have moved below or above the point I let before save it.

    All the time I get this problem…all the time…

  • @Vasile-Caraus

    I’m working, from time to time, with bookmarks as well but didn’t recognize such problem. But it seems you can replicate it constantly, so, do you mind sharing what
    you are exactly doing to see if this can be replicated on other environments as well?
    Is this happening only with 11 and more files or does it happen with less files as well?
    And post your debug-info, which can be found in the ? menu (last menu item).

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