Base64 Encoding leaving out 2-3 characters off of encoded string

  • I create HTML files in Notepad++ that are then converted to Base64 encoded strings and are then loaded to a database. Since switching to the new(er) version I’m noticing errors on the encoded strings - it seems like anywhere from 1 to 3 character are missing. This causes an issue downstream as the encoded file is supposed to be translated back to a webpage on the fly. With the string incomplete the HTML opens as a blank window.

    Running Notepad++ 7.7.1

  • @Joe-Miserendino said:

    it seems like anywhere from 1 to 3 character are missing.

    Hmm, I haven’t seen that. Do you have some example text that shows the problem for you? either real text – or, if that’s too proprietary to share, make up some dummy text. if so, please include the example text, as well as the base64 that it becomes. Use the formatting described in the boilerplate below, so that we are sure to be using the same text that you do.

    Thanks for your Notepad++ version. Are you using 32-bit or 64-bit? (? > Debug Info > Copy debug info into clipboard is the easiest way to grab that and other information that will help us replicate (or counter-example) your experience.) I assume you used Plugins > MIME Tools to do the encoding: what does Plugins > MIME Tools > About say the version is?


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