Zenburn schema - user file extensions doesn't work

  • Hello,

    I have problem after reinstall Windows and install new Notepad++ 64bit
    I am using my own user extensions of files for which I want to have “Pascal” language activate
    I configured (as always) my user extensions - screen
    I works for all my extensions, except “pro”
    I am opening .pro files, but there is no ‘Pascal’ language but normal text
    I’ve tried everything, also use older versions, but without succes…
    Will be glad for support!

  • In the “Default” style, (of the Window in your screenshot) there is a language called “Visual Prolog” which already uses the ‘.pro’ extension. Although I don’t see that language defined in “Zenburn” (nor “Obsidian” - the style I use) I wonder if that’s causing a conflict?

  • thanks for good remark, I removed this language from styler.xml and now is not visible on ‘default style’ but still is not ok. Indeed it can be some kind of conflict. Anybody has another ideas?

  • @Wojcisz-PL

    I’ve tested this and it seemed to work.
    I removed pro from visualprolog in default langs.xml
    and added it for python in obsidian theme.
    Restart npp and I’m able to edit .pro files as python files.

  • Indeed, it works perfectly!
    I didn’t know about langs.xml file and I edited only stylers.xml
    Thank You very much for help!

    BTW: During installation process, I choosed “Don’t use AppData” so I thought all .xml files used by NPP will be in the installation catalogue (portable version) but “AppData” catalogue is used by NPP and I have to edit .xml in this location
    Do You know how force on NPP do not use ‘AppData’ ?


  • @Wojcisz-PL

    as I’m always using the zipped versions I don’t know for sure but I assume by creating
    a file called doLocalConf.xml it shouldn’t read from appdata. File does not have any content.

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