Problem with "reload changed file" destroying history

  • I’m seeing a new issue. NPP changed at some point to showing the “reload changed file” dialog (asking if it’s OK to reload a document) before closing the application. In some scenarios this causes NPP to lose it’s entire history. I’ve seen this happen several times recently, but I haven’t successfully reproduced it manually.

    Here is the scenario, near as I can tell:

    • NPP is editing multiple files.
    • One or more of the files change on disk. This is usually a log file (or several log files) that I’m monitoring.
    • I log off the computer.
    • NPP closes all documents, but in the process apparently notices that the file has changed.
    • NPP blocks the logoff with the “reload changed file” dialog
    • I cancel the logoff and go look at NPP, it is showing a blank “new 1” document on top of which it is showing the “reload changed file” dialog. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I say yes or no to reloading the changed file.
    • The reload dialog goes away and I’m left with NPP active showing only “new 1” (it has already closed all the files that were being edited).
    • I close NPP and it apparently writes an empty history.
    • I reopen NPP and no files are reloaded, not saved files are presumably lost even before the logoff was cancelled.

    As far as I know I had not modified the changed files in NPP when this happens.

    Something that might be related is that recently NPP has started asking me to verify reloading files even when I have specifically hit File|Reload from Disk (in these situations I know that the file was not modified in NPP). Since this is a recent change (previously it reloaded changes without popping a dialog) to when that dialog is displayed, it seems like it might be relevant.

    Thanks for a great program!

  • I wanted to add that when I’ve seen this happen again, if I kill the NPP process it doesn’t write the empty profile. So, as long as I catch it and kill it instead of simply closing NPP then I can keep the corruption from happening.

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