Notepad++ caused file corruption. File is opening with NUL wordings in a single line.

  • I need help in recovering a file that i used Notepad++ to edit. The file is opening to show a single line with NUL words in a single line. How can i recover this file. Any help will be appreciated. Thx!

  • @M-Pereira ,

    Please see my advice from a few hours ago here. Or the FAQ from last year

    If you are using an older version of Notepad++, I recommend you upgrade, as some bugs have been removed that make the NULL problem much less common. If you are using the newest (v7.7.1), then let us know (that post shows how to let us know exactly what version of Notepad++ you are using), because it means it’s more likely the NULL problem has returned.

  • I have now upgraded to v7.7.1 after the mess caused by the software. Never expected a popular text editor to cause file corruption. Is there no way, the file can be recovered? I did not have backups enabled.

  • @Melvin-Pereira said:

    after the mess caused by the software. … I did not have backups enabled.

    To be fair, Notepad++ offered a backup feature which you had chosen not to enable.

    The bug you encountered was fixed 9 months ago with the release of v7.5.9 – the release notes in item #2 clearly explain that it fixed file corruption in abnormal circumstances (like a crash) – and there have been all of the v7.6.* releases thru the current v7.7.1 releases, many of which have been pushed to auto-update (including v7.7.1). If you don’t avail yourself of auto-update, and don’t choose to check release notes for critical bug fixes, I’m not sure what more can be done to notify people of bugs and issues, and to encourage updating to newer versions to fix bugs.

    Is there no way, the file can be recovered?

    Historically, there have been suggestions for external file recovery software, but I can make no warranty for how well they will work in your particular case.

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