Mixed fonts (English & tamil (Akarathi)) copying issue

  • Dear Team, Greetings. I am trying to copy a content from PDF and while pasting into notepad++, all non-english characters which was using “Akarathi” font displays junk characters as follows.
    cyfj; jha;nkhop ehs; mDrupf;Fk; jpdk; vJ?
    (A) [dtup 22 (B) khHr; 20 © gpg;utup 21 (D) Vg;uy; 5

    If i change the default style to “Akarathi” the english fonts reported in tamil language. how can i retain both . need your kind advice and support.

  • @Mohideen-Pitchai

    I assume only by using/finding a font which is capable of displaying it correctly, or, if possible, by creating an UDL which sets different fonts for different parts of the text but this means there must be an start and end indicator for each text part.

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