how to enlight more than word ?

  • Hello,
    I like the functionality that enlights all the same words that the one selected but I would like to have the same whenever I selecte more than one word.
    How can I select the words “it is a test” for instance and have Notepad++ higlights all the occurences of this sentence please ?

  • @jmclej

    Try selecting your phrase and choosing something from this menu: Search > Mark All > …

  • @jmclej said:

    how can I … highlight all the occurrences of this [selection]

    The Smart Highlighting options are found in Settings > Preferences > Highlighting. If you turn off “Match whole word only”, then it will allow you to Smart Highlight on part of a word (like the “he” from “the”) or across multiple words (like your example of “it is a test”). The definition of “word” is affected by Settings > Preferences > Delimiter, so you could also add “space” to the word-character list – though that would have unintended consequences that could make it not work as you expect (so probably not a good idea).

  • Thanks for both useful answers !

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