Notepad++ need to get user for game submod, how to without typing the username?

  • Well, basically, I need help to be able to make 1 version of the code for each OS that game is available, being Windows, Mac and Linux, and I don’t want to type the code for each user, how can I do one version for each OS quoted?

  • Hi EdfNightmare,

    It would help to know what language your are writing in. Most programming languages have functions to identify the OS that they are running under. For example in Python:

    import sys
    import os
    import platform


    Of course, different operating systems will require different installations of the necessary libraries, compilers etc.


  • If I remember correctly, it’s Ren’Py

  • This isn’t a Notepad++ question, this is a coding question. Please refrain from discussing things unrelated to Notepad++ here. Reference cookie baking.

  • I agree. I was bad. The original post does not belong here and it would be more appropriate in a forum for the programming language involved.

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