How to remove 'Today, Yesterday, A long time ago' fields from the Notepad++ file explorer implementation.

  • When I open a file explorer derivative with Notepad++ (Save, Save As, Open, etc), the new pane displays headings for ‘Today’ ‘Yesterday’ ‘Last week’ ‘Earlier this month’ etc.

    This is immensely frustrating to review files by file-type, or name, as when I sort the directory by a column (Name, size, type, etc), it does not sort all the content, only inside the various sub-headings listed above;
    If I am looking for a a file which begins with ‘A’ for instance, I need to review each heading to find ‘afile.txt’ until I find the date it was modified; This is irrelevant to me.

    I need to remove these sub-headings, and would like to know how I can do so, as they waste my time needlessly. Albeit it is handy in cases where date modified is the only important field, but is frustrating when content must be sorted in ANY other way.

    Note that I’ve reviewed other installed apps, and this is the only one with this behaviour.

    In any case, I need to remove this behaviour as it is wasting all kinds of my time.

  • Have you tried right-clicking in the right pane selecting “Group by” and then “(none)”?

    This isn’t a N++ configuration, but a preference Windows is caching based on file explorer view.

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