Tortoise SVN missing from Plugin Manager

  • A few version updates ago, Tortoise SVN disappeared from my plugins menu and from the plugin manager.
    It removed my right click entries of commit and other commands.
    After a fair amount of searching, I’ve failed to work out why and how to get it back.
    Did anyone else experience this and have a solution?
    Higgsy - Auckland, NZ

  • I am assuming you upgraded from 7.5.9 or earlier to something that was 7.6.3 or later when the problem started happening. The directory structure for plugins changed in v7.6.3.

    in your <install_directory>\plugins, you probably have a DLL called TortoiseSVN.dll or something similar. Create a subdirectory with the same name (without .dll, but make sure you include any spaces in the name: so in my example, <install_directory>\plugins\TortoiseSVN), and then move the DLL into that folder. Exit all instances of Notepad++ and reload.

    BTW: I don’t see that plugin in either the 64-bit or 32-bit Plugins Admin. Where did you get your copy?

  • @PeterJones

    The old Plugin Manager links it here. Are you using SVN or would a N++ git plugin be more useful?

  • Tortoise SVN has been added to the new plugin manager interface the 14 june. It will be available on the next release of “Npp Plugin List” and “Notepad++”

  • @Michael-Vincent said:

    The old Plugin Manager links it here.

    Thanks. It appears to be 32-bit only, and I’m usually in 64-bit…

    Are you using SVN

    Yes. SVN is what we use at work, so it’s what I’m used to.

    When I hobby at GitHub, I use their svn-to-github interface. I’ve actually had people comment on my “strange” commit messages on GitHub, because svn commit -m "is much easier to do with a single-line commit message", which often gets longer than the title/“first line” on GitHub commits, so GitHub cuts it mid-sentence (or maybe even mid-word) and puts the rest in the body of the text rather than all together in the title.

    I have my NppExec scripts for svn-add, svn-commit(file) and svn-commit(directory), which is usually sufficient for me. But if there were a 64-bit SVN-plugin, I’d at least give it a try, to see if it gave me a better user-experience than the NppExec scripts.

  • @PeterJones Many thanks – creating sub directory and moving .dll is the solution – all working now. :+)
    Tortoise SVN plugin not available any longer via plugin manager but (as per Michael Vincent’s post ) available at

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