macro search between <section>fixed & changing characters</section>

  • How can I search for a string that is changing in certain area’s and is different for different pages.

    You see two strings below that changes when I publish my site through the software builder.
    This string contains the domain name of the builder and although I understand why they do it, for SEO it is just very bad practice.
    Currently, I have created a macro that adds “rel = nofollow” between <a & href=">

    However, I rather get rid of this link at all therefore I am looking to build a macro that
    a) search on the part that never change which is "<section class=“engine”><a href=“
    b) remove everything between <section class=“engine”> and the closing </section>

    When I publish 5 pages then each page has a different line where the character behind the domain name is changing (or no character at all) and the anchor text is changing.

    <section class=“engine”><a href=“”>simple site templates</a></section>
    <section class=“engine”><a href=“”>build a site</a></section>

    If not possible with Notepadd++ maybe there is an editor that can do it.

  • @Fedor-Alphenaar

    I assume you can build a regex which would look like that
    find with:(?s)(<section class="engine">)<a href="https\:\/\/domain\.name.*?(</section>)
    replace with:\1\2

    Is this doing what you want to achieve?

  • @Ekopalypse many thanks, that indeed works and it basically removes it. saves a lot of time

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