OneDrive files getting "New version available" message

  • Since using NP++ with OneDrive files on Windows 10, every time a file is modified in NP++, a different app is used, then NP++ app is again used, the “New version of this file is available” message comes up and reloads the same file. These are simple text files used to build C++ applications. This will happen with all files that have been modified that are active in NP++ (so every time I go back to my NP++ window I get a pop-up for every file that is open). Reverting back to version 7.5.6 64-bit fixed the issue. Am I doing something wrong?

  • @Darrel-Zeltner

    I assume you want to have automatic file changes disabled, correct?
    If so, goto settings->preferences->misc and disable file status auto-detection

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