Can anyone save me from my unending Papyrus Plugin nightmare!?

  • I’m sure I don’t need to go into sordid details — anyone who’s ever succeeded (let alone simply attempted) to install/use this Plugin would be no stranger to anything I would have to add to the list of things NOT working where Papyrus Plugin’s concerned. But, for the sake of formalities:

    1. when trying to access/view/(hell)even destroy the plugin with whatever happens to be handy… Surprise?.. Every plugin is there waiting for some attention. However, Papyrus is too immersed in it’s own “teenage-angst” to even fake it’s presence with pillows under the covers. (can you tell I have teenagers/Papyrus issues?)
    2. no amount of unin/reinstalling can convince it to calm down and do the job I need it to do; since this plugin as well as n++ are my only options [literally] to do what I desperately need them for: the Skyrim Creation Kit.

    I’ve been told by the handfull who’re brave enough to discuss the topic (let alone tackle it) to try everything from: downloading shifty plugins from a corner of the internet that’s more closely related to a Woodstock Outhouse on the last day than a legitimate solution… to uninstalling my current version to trade-down for 7.5.9 (currently 7.7.1) by the only person who’s successfully/eventually managed to get it working.

    Unfortunately, the struggle wouldn’t end there for me; it surely didn’t for him.

    Equally as unfortunate… he’s still searching for all the resources/references that were at his disposal when he managed to get-er done!

    Until I’m able to get my hands on Papyrus… my work is at a gruesome stand-still. I’ll hope & hold my breath in wait for someone to save me from my scripting demon! Holding my breath is probably one of the few things that I haven’t tried yet; aside from the correct things, that is.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for even reading my cry for help. Rest assured I’ll be right here turning blue (holding my breath…remember) with anticipation.
    A slightly more insane PunkN

  • PunkN13,

    The Papyrus Plugin is not listed in the available plugins in the NP++ Plugin Admin so this forum may not be the place to start. A Google search of “Notepad++ Papyrus Plugin” provided a bunch of links to Github, Reddit and Youtube which may be more helpful. Also, providing some actual technical information on the problem that you are having with the Papyrus Plugin might help us to help you.



    PS: I have a bald spot too, but that is from age and maturity

  • @PunkN13, Welcome to the forum.

    I get it, you’re annoyed, and want some help. However, there are some things that would make it much easier for us to help you.

    Start here:

    Then continue in my post:

    I’m sure I don’t need to go into sordid details — anyone who’s ever succeeded (let alone simply attempted) to install/use this Plugin would be no stranger to anything I would have to add to the list of things NOT working where Papyrus Plugin’s concerned.

    Unfortunately, not everyone here has ever even heard of this plugin, let alone gotten into sordid details with it. And since, as @Steven-Haymes said, it’s not in the Plugins Admin, it’s not immediately accessible to those here who might want to help you. As such, providing a link to where you can get it (and thus avoiding accidentally entering that “shifty corner of the internet” that you mentioned) would go a long way to helping us help you.

    Papyrus is too immersed in it’s own “teenage-angst”

    Getting out of the emotional, pseudo-description, if you gave us an actual description of what went wrong, we might be able to help you. As it is, we are left wondering (or, at least, I am left wondering) how this plugin is showing teenage angst.

    Despite your lack of information and details, given that your anecdotal individual suggested downgrading to v7.5.9, I have a couple thoughts:

    1. My guess is that “teenage angst … [without] pillows under the covers” is implying that you cannot even see the plugin in your Plugins list.
    2. v7.7.1 has a different plugin directory structure than v7.5.9. If the instructions for Papyrus says to put the DLL in c:\program files\Notepad++\plugins, you need to actually put it in c:\program files\Notepad++\plugins\Papyrus (where the name papyrus needs to be the same as the DLL).
    3. you need to make sure that your DLL has the same bit-ness as Notepad++: if you’re using 64-bit Notepad++, you need 64-bit DLL.

    Per the advice here, please provide us with your ? > Debug Info > Copy debug info into clipboard

  • My apologies… I often forget that my sense of humor is not everyone’s cup of tea. I have been searching for solutions endlessly which I’ve found (after submitting my original post) that I was wrong in thinking that Papyrus Plugin is a Notepad++ plugin. Unfortunately, learning that has not helped me further my quest for solutions. Since I know [now] that it’s not as well-known as I previously thought… I feel silly for not providing the detailed description of the problem. It also doesn’t help that there really is no description to give. I would download the plugin from github & install; but it just simply would not work. N++ wouldn’t even recognize it to show it in the Plugins Tab, but has no problem recognizing all other plugins. I’m not sure if I should delete this original post — since it’s clear to me now that I’ve posted in the wrong forums — or leave/edit it in case somebody else comes across these forums looking for the same answer.