Notepad++ Running Papyrus Compilation Script After Multiple Reinstallations

  • So, I’ve been ripping my hair out with this one for some time now. I had installed Plugin Manager and was following the tutorial located here: under the section labeled “Fully Integrated Compiler with NppExec (Best Choice)”. I decided I wanted to use papyrusplusplus instead, which can be found here: … I had set a shortcut for my first compiler to Ctrl+Shift+C but the new compiler’s(PapyrusPlusPlus) only compile shortcut allowed is Ctrl+Shift+C. I had removed the script I had from the first reference but it was still giving me trouble so I decided to do a full reinstall. Long story short, I just finished my 5th reinstall but I’m still getting issues where that first compiler reference is still trying to compile when I’m working on my papyrus scripting and it’s causing error messages and false compile fails and I just have no idea how to get it to stop. I have no idea where this script has been stored or how to get rid of it. I know it may be a longshot, but I am hoping someone on here can help. Thanks in advance!

  • @Eddie-Ashford-Jr.

    if there is a shortcut conflict, open shortcut mapper from the settings menu and resolve it.

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