Suggestion: Batch Replace on Text Editor (this is the future)

  • hello. I must say that I love notepad++. But when using Regex, I have to admit that I use other text editors, like grepWin or TextCrawler or EmEditor (BATCH REPLACE).

    so, I believe the future of text editors will be the feature called: “BATCH REPLACE”. In fact, you put a lot of regex formulas, in some order, you go to sleep and the Editor will process one by one, in order you give, all the search and replace in thousands of files. Try TextCrawler the option “Batch Editor” and see how great feature it is.

    Please consider this something absolutely obligatory for text editors !

  • @Vasile-Caraus


  • I would script this from the command line probably in Perl - in fact, I already have.

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