Am i using the updated C++?

  • Im new to programming and i found notepad++ to be gentle to newbie like me. I managed to compile and run C++ program in Notepad++ using this link. But correct me if im wrong but the standard C++ used is c++11? Then i simply changed the 11 to 17. And it still works fine. Granted that even if i did not change the 11 to 17, it will still works just fine.

    My question is the C++ im using the latest version?.


  • Are you asking whether C++17 is the latest iteration of C++?

    In terms of released, yes. In terms of experimental, then it’s C++20.

  • @Nom said:

    Are you asking whether C++17 is the latest iteration of C++?

    And WHY would you ask this here; this place is about Notepad++ and the “meat” of this question has nothing to do with Notepad++. See here.

  • First this is probably not a question for the Notepad++ forum and more of a question for a C++ forum.

    There was not reason to install Cygwin if all you wanted was a C/C++ compiler. My guess is that Cygwin probably includes the MinGW C/C++ compiler which is a bit dated but works. I have used it along with the C/C++ compiler in the free community version of Microsoft Visual Studio. Note that Microsoft Visual Studio is a huge program compared to Notepad++ and MinGW.

    As a newbie, I would not be concerned about using the latest and greatest C/C++ compiler. I have my Notepad++ set up to lint (pre-runtime debug), compile and run C/C++ using NppExec. First look at the NppExec documentation and second do a search for “NppExec C/C++” and see what you find.

    There are better links out there to set up Notepad++ for C/C++ then the one that you provided. It is often best to look at a few links before you chose to go with the first one that you find.


  • PS: If you are new to programming, C/C++ is not the best language to learn how to program. Once you get into pointers and addresses which are central to C/C++, it is going to get real weird real fast. I learned C back in the 1980’s from some AT&T engineers. Today, if you want to learn how to program, Python is an excellent starting language.

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