How can I change Notepad++'s icon?

  • How can I change Notepad++'s icon?

    The standard green icon is awfully “loud” on my desktop screen where I keep a lot of text files. I would really like to change it to samething less bright… and boring I suppose… but also less distracting for me and my eyes.

    Thanks for any assistance.

  • In Windows -> right click on shotcut -> Properties -> change icon

    Personally, I like the little green guy.


  • hello @Mark-Garvey

    base on your question, I give solution is below

    Step 1:- Go to the Window Setting.
    Step 2:- Change default Program by extension.(.txt)
    Step 3:- Switch from notepad++ into notepad.
    Step 4:- Back to Notepad++ again.
    Step 5:- Refreshing Icon Image.

    I hope above solution is useful to you.
    Thank you…

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