NPPexport doesn't export colors in source code anymore

  • Hello

    When developing SQL source code in Notepad++ I use the SQL style to highlight source code elements.

    Sometims I need to document code in Word. To preserve the SQL source code colors I use NPPexport and copy to HTML or RTF and import it into Word. This used to work nicely…

    Some weeks ago it stopped working. I can’t tell if it is since a specific NPP update. Probably it is not even related to NPP itself but to NPPexport…

    NPPexport still exports the selected code into an HTML file, but this doesn’t contain any colors anymore… everything is plain black.

    Does anybody have any idea why it doesn’t work anymore and if I can do anything to make it work again?


  • @RickX62

    Possibly some helpful info here.

  • @RickX62

    See this thread. Read all the way through if you’re interested, or just see the last post, which provides the fix in the official repo.

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