Cannot install any plugin (v7.7.1 64bit) on win10

  • Dear all,

    I just come to a new company and installed my reliable Notepad++ (version 7.7.1 64bit). Now I want to install Compare and any plugin all fail without error.

    I click top menu Plugins -> Plugins admin… -> search for plugin I need -> install -> warning prompt up regarding restart notepad++ -> press Yes -> win10 ask whether allow Notepad++ modify and I press Yes -> notepad++ restarted but NOTHING happen. None of plugin is installed.

    P.S. My company have setup proxy but I am not sure it is related. Since I can browse notepad++ pages and download the plugin manually if I wish.

  • @legendgod said:

    My company have setup proxy

    I would certainly start on the road to a solution by entering your proxy info in ? menu > Set Updater Proxy...

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