Plugin disappeared after latest version update.

  • Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the plugin since I installed it years ago. It allowed to to keep a list of code snippets, then type a few characters and hit tab. The “few characters” are the name you gave the snippet.

    I had a lot of snippets that I depended on, and now they are gone and I can’t find them anywhere in the Notepad++ folders.

    I also can’t seem to find a list of plugins that are incompatible with this latest version of Notepad++.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • @Sloan-Thrasher

    It would be useful if you would provide the version numbers of Notepad++ before and after updating it. You can get this info via (menu) ? -> Debug Info. Copy the info to the clipboard and paste it into your next comment.

    You can also have a look into the folder where Notepad++ plugins reside. Your plugin DLL file should be still there, it’s simply not loaded. This is caused by changes of the plugin directory structure since Notepad++ v7.6.

    Go to directory <Notepad++-install-dir>\plugins and look for a DLL file that contains Snippets in its name, this should be your missing plugin.

    Come back to obtain further instructions.

  • Dinkumoil,

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    I went to the plugins folder as you suggested, and saw a file that looked familiar: finger.dll.
    Installed it and found that was the one I was missing. It even remembered all of the snippets I had from before.



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