When Switching Tabs - Why does the Viewport Change Unexpectedly When Returning?

  • Maybe i am not understanding the value and it’s not a bug, but here is an example:

    1. You have 2 tabs open: a text file and a PHP file
    2. You place your cursor at a function() in the php code (the window’s viewport is positioned in a way that the cursor is seen at the center of N++)
    3. Go the text file (other tab).
    4. Either drag the scroll bar to a different location or simply move the cursor in a way that the viewport has been adjusted.
    5. Go back to the php file tab
    6. Note the viewport is now at a different location and so you must hit your cursor key for N++ to jump to the real location.

    Personally, i find that annoying. Is there a way to either turn off that “feature” or possibly get a fix for this? When i return to a tab the viewport for that tab should be where i left it. Beyond that, overall, it’s a brilliant product.

  • @Pregnant-Sausage

    See here where there are some hints as to what might be causing this for you.

  • Thank you Alan

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