How To Replace or Delete Text Between Numbered Lines

  • I’m working on my website and I want to delete or replace text between the numbered lines in notepad++ with the replace function, is there any way an expression can be written to accomplish this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • @Tyler-Naddy

    note sure I understand correctly.
    Let’s say, you have some arbitrary text on lines 6 to 10
    and you want to have something where you can specify 6 to 10 in find what box
    and in replace with box you enter your replacement, correct?

  • Correct.

  • Is there any way to write that into an expression?

  • for Delete Text Between Numbered Lines
    it is based on specified text
    find what : (\w-?)\w+
    replace with : Empty

    for Delete Text Between word Lines
    it is based on specified text
    find what : (\d-?)\d+
    replace with : Empty

  • @Tyler-Naddy

    So, sadly, the site migration lost a reply I made to this earlier. Luckily I still had the text of most of it in an N++ tab! :)

    Here’s the earlier reply again:

    We can accomplish this by borrowing from the info found here.

    As an example, say you want to skip 3 lines at the top of file, then replace then next 5 lines with something else. Note: Another way to say it is to replace line numbers 4 through 8.

    Use this regular expression search expression to match the lines: (?-s)(?<!\x0A)^(?:.*\R){3}\K(?:.*\R){5} and do a Replace-All with whatever you’d like (replace with nothing to delete those lines).

    Note that you have to do a Replace-All and not a simple Replace due to the \K syntax used. For the details of why this works, see the earlier referenced link.