MRU Auto-delete

  • I have used n++ for more than a decade. It has one feature I’d like to see disappear: auto-deletion of a most-recently used link when the link is not available. If you work over a VPN and have mapped network drives, sometimes you click on the MRU before the drive auto-remaps. When that happens, you lose the link and have to go looking for it.

    It would be better if NPP asked the user if they want to remove the MRU instead of just removing it.


  • @David-Pither-Patterson said:

    When that happens, you lose the link

    You might want to enable Settings > Preferences > Recent Files History > ☑ Don’t check at launch time, which should at least prevent them from disappearing from the MRU when you first launch Notepad++.

    I’m not sure that option will be sufficient to save you if you click the MRU before the network drive has connected… but really, you’re asking a program to open a file that does not exist (from the perspective of your whole computer, not just the app). If I were in that situation, and often found myself in a race with the network remap, I would probably make a folder-shortcut to the network drive, and always open that after re-starting; once the folder was open, I would then open the file-under-consideration from the explorer window, rather than from the Notepad++ MRU, because by then, the drive is mapped.

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