Problems with ANSI Characters « and » 0x0171 and 0x187

  • I have problems writing or copy/pasting the “Double Angle Quotation Marks” in NPP (running version 7.1.1).
    A file containing the symbols is displayed correctly, but copy/pasting it breaks it into unreadable characters.

    Also typing (Hitting Alt+171) inserts the broken character, not the needed one.
    Same for copying out of charmap.exe

    This is true for ANSI Files.
    When I paste the sign into an UTF-8 file, it is first displayed correctly, but converting to ANSI, I get an extra (Â) A-circumflex before the sign.

    Is that a strange setting?

  • @Sebastian-Koerner

    I can’t see your reported issue concerning the broken characters

    Regarding the extra char, this happens when you chose Encode in Ansi, which basically is a view of the current bytes and because those chars are encoded in two
    bytes in utf8 you see the additional first byte. If you choose convert to ansi, from a clean state, it shows it correctly.

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