How to compile and sign Notepad++ ?

  • Hi guys,

    Sorry if I’m asking a question that has already been asked (I couldn’t find a similar thread) but how can I build my custom notepad++.exe now that it needs signing (or how can I sign my custom build) ?


  • @pnedev

    This might have been replied to before the site migration, and earlier replies lost.

    This isn’t an answer (sorry for that), but why do you need to do this signing? Knowing that may help get you better replies.

  • This is a nice example what happens if post gets lost.
    The question is open but all the answers and subsequent posts clarifying
    the question and needs are gone :-)
    At the end there was nothing left to say - all discussed to the end.

  • @Alan-Kilborn ,

    As @Ekopalypse said the bigger part of the thread is lost during the transition to the new site.

    To make the long story short, I wanted to play a bit with the NUL-ified file contents on sudden reboot / power loss.
    There was no need for signing and I couldn’t build it on my own because I don’t have recent Visual Studio but I used the automatic integration (AppVeyor) to help with that.

    I made this PR ( which hopefully fixes the issue.
    I don’t think much more can be done without further complications. Just to note that config and session files are still prone to the NUL problem because I didn’t want to introduce changes to TinyXML lib code at this point.

    If this PR gets merged only time will tell if the issue if fixed. If it doesn’t appear again a new patch can be made that uses the same Win32 file API to save also the configs and session files (making their saving safer as well).
    I would also use that same API to load files removing totally C run-time APIs but let’s make things one step at a time. Otherwise changes will be difficult to review and to get merged.

    This topic can be closed / locked.

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