Find results - Copy name of files (without hits)

  • hello. I want to find results on “search in files” option, copy name of files (without hits result), and to delete those files. How can I do that?

  • Hello @vasile-caraus and All,

    Not very difficult, indeed !

    • Do your search in files ( Ctrl + Shift + F )

    • Once the Find Result panel opened, right-click inside and choose the option Select all

    • Hit the shortcut Ctrl + C ( Do NOT use the Copy option of the context menu ! )

    • Open a new tab ( Ctrl + N )

    • Paste the clipboard ( Ctrl + V )

    • Now, in that new file, perform the following regex S/R :

    • SEARCH (?-si)^(?:(Search).+|\x20\x20(.+)\(.+?\)$|\t.+\R)

    • REPLACE (?1echo @OFF)(?2Del\x20\2\x20/p)

    • Save this new file, in your N++ directory, as, let’s say Suppression.bat

    • Execute the option Run > Run... ( of hit the F5 key )

    • Type in the command cmd /k Suppression.bat

    • Valid the suppression of each file, by answering y

    • Close the DOS window

    Et voilà !

    Remark : If your prefer to delete all files in one go, change the Replace zone as (?1echo @OFF)(?2Del\x20\2)

    Best Regards,


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