F... N++ because..

  • … it doesn’t have a Linux version.

    There I said it. I feel better now.

    Keep up the good work (and support Linux)!

  • @Mehmet-Gunacti

    Drink some Wine to mitigate your pain. Otherwise, it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a Linux version as it written from the ground up to only support Windows.

  • Well, one can always dream of native Linux NotePad++.

    I know that, especially for a program like NotePad++, the integration with windows can be quite extensive. It wouldn’t be as simple as just changing a few build-settings and recompiling. That being said, I would have to disagree with @Alan-Kilborn. While it would be very difficult, it isn’t impossible. The fact that it runs with wine is a proof of that.

    With the rise in popularity of Linux, particularly among programmers (a key demographic of NotePad++ users), I would like to believe that there will come a time in the foreseeable future where it will become worth the effort to properly port the program.

  • Wine changes all the Win32 API calls to Linux-compatible calls. You either have to do that translation of calls after-the-fact (like Wine does: it captures those function calls, and translates it), or you have to do it in the original source code (ie, translating the source code to use some method compatible with both Windows and Linux), which would require a complete rewrite, because as @Alan-Kilborn says, NPP is written “from the ground up to only support Windows” – ie, using Win32 API.

    It’s not impossible to do; it’s just impossible to do without a complete rewrite (at which point, some would argue it ceases to be Notepad++, even if it is 100% feature-compatible).

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