Setting font for printed doc

  • I have a document with 80-plus characters per line. When I went to print it, I couldn’t seem to find anywhere to pick the font or font size to be used for the print job.

    When it came out, the font was so small that it was about four inches wide for the eighty columns. How do I change/fix this?

  • Hello, @Rick-Nakroshis

    Please follow these steps to change font size:

    Step 1:- You need to install the NPPExec plugin.
    Step 2 :- Go to Plugins Menu.
    Step 3:- Select Plugin Manager.
    Step 4:- In Plugin Manager select Show Plugin Manager. Select NPPExec and click Install.
    Step 5:- Restart Notepad++ to enable the plugin.
    Step 6:- To change the size of your printing font, go to Plugins.
    Step 7:- In Plugins select NPPExec and in NPPExec select Execute any type these lines.

    SCI_SENDMSG 2146 +2

    Note:- +2 tells Notepad++ to increase the scale by 2 levels. you can try +3 and +4 an even large fonts.
    Step 8:- Click Save…, give whatever name you like and click OK.
    Step 9:- To make this changes permanent, go to menu Plugins->NPPExec->Advanced Options…, then to “Execute this script when Notepad++ starts”. Select your script and press OK.

    I hope above information will be useful for you.
    Thank you.

  • @Rick-Nakroshis ,

    The printing font size is determined by a combination of factors. Primarily, it is set by the default font size in Notepad++ (Settings > Style Configurator > Global Styles > Default Style) as well as the font-size adjustments for any syntax highlighting that’s active in your document. Secondarily, it can be influenced by the internal Scintilla component’s SCI_SETPRINTMAGNIFICATION message (which is the 2146 that @Prahlad-Makwana4145 used); as described in the SCI_SETPRINTMAGNIFICATION description in Scintilla docs, +2 tells scintilla to add two points to the font size, and -4 would subtract 4.

    Note that when I tried @Prahlad-Makwana4145 's instructions, the hidden console window (which was intentionally hidden by NPP_CONSOLE 0) shows an error: it doesn’t like the + from +2. I had to use SCI_SENDMSG 2146 2 to get the effect described. (It does, however, recognize -2 properly to make the font smaller when printing.)

    Unless you are using a tiny font in your Notepad++ window directly, however, I cannot understand why yours would be starting with a tiny font when printing. What font size is your Notepad++ style configurator set at?

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