2 spaces or more in the text filename ?

  • Hi all

    I am a new user of NP++ and very pleased with.
    I installed it on my Seven x64 system as notepad replacement and it is working fine…
    However, I found a curious thing…
    Let me explain :

    1. On my desktop, I right click to create a new text file.
      I name it ‘text 1’ (with 1 space in the name)
      I double click on it.
      All is fine. The window opens normally.

    2. Let us create a new text file.
      I name it ‘text 2’ (with 2 spaces in its name)
      When I double click to open it, I get a message in a ‘create a new file’ window :
      “0” doesn’t exist. Create it?.
      If I say ‘yes’ I can edit the file.
      then when I close it, I can reopen it without the prior message.

    This also happens with other ‘old’ texts that contain 2ou more spaces in their names.

    Is it a bug ? Is it due to my windows system ?
    Has somebody experienced the same thing ?

    Thank you for reading… and for answering.

  • Thank you, gurikbal singh
    It seems to do the trick :)

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