Why can't you stop?

  • Why can’t you just stop developing this software? Nobody is forcing you to produce software. Nobody is forcing you to publish free software.

    I am forced to use your software. It’ company policy. You have a choice, I do not.

    Should I be thankful for this piece of crapware? Should I be thankful, because all this thousends of hours of unpaid effort you put into the project? No, I am not! The world would be a better place without notepad++, and I would not have a reason to complain, nor would I have a reason to write this lines

    Thank you for reading!

  • @Christoph-Eisenmann

    Curious; what are your big complaints with the Notepad++ Crapware?

  • @Alan-Kilborn ,

    Curious, why do you bother responding to original posters in the “Boycott Notepad++” topic? It’s presumably a waste of time, because they are either joking, or venting, and neither condition is conducive to a meaningful conversation.

    Don created this category because he wanted to somehow move all whining and complaining here (it didn’t work), but I’m personally against this category’s existence, because while it doesn’t accomplish the job of being a catch-all category for annoying complaints, I think it does encourage people to complain (either seriously or not) when they otherwise wouldn’t have. Since complaining for the sake of complaining is not fruitful, I don’t think it should be encouraged. But this isn’t my forum, I don’t make the rules.

    I just tend to stay away from responding directly to the OP here. If there’s a regular who gets involved, and I think I have something useful to say to that person, I will chime in – like this post. But engaging a complainer or a joker directly seems unwise, IMO.

  • @PeterJones

    Ha. Maybe I’m just “poking the bear”? I think I replied so fast I didn’t note the category.

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