Quickly convert a lot of files to another encoding?

  • Hello.
    So I’ve been translating a certain mod for a game, from Russian to Polish.
    Even though saving in ANSI should save both polish and russian characters, it did not for some reason. The only way I managed to get the notepad to save both character types was saving in UCS-2 LE BOM.
    Once all the work was done, I found out the files have to be in ANSI in order for them to compile correctly. And I don’t feel like exploring every folder, and check every file, then manually changing the encoding to ANSI.

    So here’s the question: Is there a program that can allow me to do it faster?

    [BTW: Now that I reinstalled N++, it saves in ANSI correctly, shame that it’s too late]

  • Someone could write a script to do it, like using Notepad++'s PythonScript plugin. But batch-encoding conversion isn’t really Notepad++'s niche.

    However, since you weren’t able to convince Notepad++ to do encodings properly to begin with, I did some googling for you. This superuser reply seems to do what you want… except you’d want iconv -f UCS-2LE -t windows-1252 (or whatever the proper names for UCS-2-LE and “ANSI” are for iconv)…

    EDIT: this site shows a list of iconv encoding names, with UCS-2LE listed among the assets.

  • … or the answer right below that, showing a power-shell way; you could just use the encoding of Unicode, which is MS misnomer for UCS-2LE. See https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powershell/module/microsoft.powershell.utility/out-file?view=powershell-6 for the other out-file encodings and documentation.

  • Problem solved. Thanks for the answer!

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