User Defined language with Select statement AND Select group

  • Hi All,

    In developing a UDL for SAS I have a problem. SAS supports Select groups as in PL/I but it also supports SQL and its Select statement. So I might have

    Select (X);
          When (a) X=1;
          When (b) X=2;
          When (c) X=3;
          Otherwise X=4;

    But I might also have

    Select * From ABC;

    I’d like to fold the first case on “Select”/“End” but then the second case causes subsequent folding to fail because there is no “End” to fold on. SAS statements all end in a semicolon, and SAS also supports Do groups closed by an “End” statement. Is there a way to define the UDL so it folds correctly in the first case and doesn’t fold or fail in the second?


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