'Open folder in Notepad++' context menu entry

  • Dear Notepad++ community,

    I’ve fine-tuned a small Windows extension that adds a context menu entry when you right-click a folder, to Open folder in Notepad++.

    You can either download the ZIP archive or clone with git:

    git clone https://gist.github.com/bab5acee1f0a47dbc0f5002325741ff4.git

    Right-click install.cmd and Run as administrator or read the instructions in the README to install/ uninstall.



  • I’m really not interested myself (so I’m not going to look), but for others that might be interested…what does it mean to “open folder with Notepad++”? Does it mean Open folder as workspace ?

  • @Alan-Kilborn Thanks for the pointer, indeed it opens the folder as workspace.
    The script also sets an environment variable NPP_PROJECT which can be used in plugin scripts like NppExec and PythonScript.

  • v1.1 - Updates:

    • Fixed .reg file formatting issues
    • Changed context menu entry text to Open as workspace in Notepad++ to better align with Notepad++ terminology
    • Tested and fixed some previously present issues with space characters in paths
    • Added version requirement (Npp 7.8+) to readme
    • Added license info (MIT)

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