Autosave with some features

  • I know Autosave (from Farshad) and Autosave2 (from, but all of its is inconvenient. (see bottom)
    Need next features:

    1. Saving backup files(s) in manual directory.
    2. Save files according scheduled time into backup directory with add date-time. (Best way construct saved name with template, ex: $name, $ext, $date, $time, e.t.c)

    Please help to find this autosave plugin.

    Autosave from “Farshad”, has templates $fullpath$, $dir$, $name$, $ext$, $word$, $nppdir$, $cdir$, $pdir$, $wdir$, $date$, $time$, but I could’t find way to use them.

    Autosave2 is unstable, stop working from time to time, and storing config file in user temporary directory :’-(.

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