Customize colors with simple signs

  • Hey,

    I want to use Notepad++ as a normal text editor for writing articles.

    I would like to be able to set colors based on a simple signs that i start sentences, for exmaple:

    A star would mean red:


    A dolar sign would mean green:


    I understand you can set your own language, I just dont know how to set the signs.

    If that is not possible, do you know a language that has thea easiest “commands” so that I could use Style Configurator to set colors and use shortest possbile commands in some coding language?

  • Your examples don’t use “start sentences” like you said; they use surrounding. That’s actually easier:


    User defined languages (UDL) are given an overview in the official docs here. And Ivan Radić has a in-depth description of the details of UDL in this semi-official UDL documentation.

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