So I'm not usually one for F-ck Notepad++ but...

  • So I’m not usually one for F-ck Notepad++ but…

    This was posted in the Notepad++ “Free Uyghur” edition (v7.8.1) thread:


    This shows extreme cluelessness on the part of @donho as when I saw the attack on github I knew instantly why it was being done. People have asked/pleaded with @donho to keep politics out of Notepad++ before, to no avail. So the mess of this attack has to now be cleaned up; glad I am not involved in that… :-(

    While I’m here, on another topic, it appears the NUL file corruption issue that has plagued Notepad++ for a long time now has had a fix rejected because the proposed fix is too big and thus “could bring some regression” (see comments here ). So sad, too bad, sigh. :-(

    So today…for one day only…I am saying “F-ck to Notepad++”. :-)

  • Also for me the first and (hopefully) last time in the Boycott section.

    @Alan-Kilborn said in So I'm not usually one for F-ck Notepad++ but...:

    This shows extreme cluelessness on the part of @donho

    I dont’ believe in cluelessness, it’s just a ridiculous way of circumventing further discussions.

    @donho : I don’t know whether you are involved in the process of cleaning up the mess in the issue tracker. But if you are involved: You could have spend your time more meaningful and useful by integrating the NUL-file bug fix of @pnedev.

  • I agree with you about the NUL fix, but all the same - it is beyond any price to see Winnie-the-Pooh got pissed. Sorry I cannot resist ;-)

  • I am very happy to use v7.8.1. I think it is much more meaningful than any bug fixed. Programming is very important for me but not all of my life. There are something’s else meaningful in the world. @donho, well done!

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