Dark theme template (no plugins)

  • Hey all,

    I’m using Notepad++ at work and wish to make it dark, but any plugin installation is strictly forbidden. The only accessible one is default.
    Could you please share your Style configuration settings (screenshots or text) or give me a link if it’s already available anywhere, because all I managed to find are plugins.

    Best regards

  • By default, Notepad++ comes with about 20 themes, many of which are “dark”. None of those themes affect the UI (window borders, menu bars, buttons, etc); they only affect the editor coloring.

    If by theme you mean what Notepad++ means by theme, then you have plenty to choose from already, and you can modify any one of them using the Preferences > Style Configurator dialog to change the colors from the normals for that theme. If you want to affect the UI as well, that requires plugins.

    Links to the official Docs:

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