Language editor -> Colorize full line

  • Is there any way in the “Define your Language”->“Operators and Delimiters”
    to define a “delimiter” that colorize from where is found
    the delimiter opening character
    to the End-Of-The-Line of the editor ( not only to ((EOL)) )

    If not possible… maybe would be useful in the future
    add a new tab in “Define your Language” named “Other” (or ???)
    and add the option to colorize/style all line when hit a defined regular expression…

    In my case:
    I need to colorize all line when ^$line:$ is found
    or colorize a block of lines when ^$block:(.*)^$ is found

    Observing by the quantity of requests I’ve found when ‘Googling’
    for this it would be a very useful feature…
    and would avoid installing some plug-ins just for this

    I will put the search for this funccionality
    in another question for a very simple code snippet
    to build a simple plugin…


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