Problem with indentation and PHP

  • Hello,

    My PHP code does not look the same in Notepad (or Github) and Notepad++

    link to code

    Im running Windows 10 - Version 10.0.18362.449

  • @Момчил-Божинов

    Hmm, we don’t know how your code looks in your Notepad, how it looks on GitHub, how it looks in your Notepad++ nor do we know how you expect it to look. And finally we don’t know which version of Notepad++ you use. How can we help without knowing anything?

    Please provide your Notepad++ version info ((menu) ? -> Debug Info), some screenshots how your code looks in Notepad, GitHub and Notepad++ (you can paste images from your clipboard into your forum comments) and tell us what you expect how it should look.

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